Information about SONA (for Extra Credit sign-ups)

If after reading this information you still have questions about the use of SONA, please contact the SONA administrator:

SONA is a website that allows you to sign up to participate in research studies for credit in your psychology or human development class. Not all Psych and HD classes participate, so be sure to check your syllabus or with your TA/Instructor about whether SONA credits are being offered in your course.

The website can be reached at:

Note: Some of your courses in other departments might have their own SONA websites. This is the link for research credit in Psychology and Human Development courses only.

Setting up an account on SONA

Go to the website and click “Request Account.” Your “User ID” must be your NetID.

Select the classes in which you are enrolled from the course list. If you would also like the option of signing up for experiments for pay, you may also choose “Paid Participant” as one of your classes. You may add new courses to your account at any time on the “My Profile” page.

You may be given the option to complete a “Prescreen” (if it is active this semester). This is an optional survey that may qualify you to participate in additional studies that are seeking particular types of participants (for example: women only, freshmen or sophomores only, etc.). If a prescreen survey is available, it is completely up to you whether to complete it. It may make more studies available to you.

Signing up for studies

From your account, you may view the list of currently active studies that give credits in at least one of the courses in which you are enrolled. You may also view descriptions of the studies and sign up by selecting from the available appointment timeslots. Be mindful of the signup and cancellation deadlines, study duration and location, and other information in the study description.

If Psych 1101 is not included in the list of courses that ‘count’ for the study, you will not receive extra credit toward this class. Not all experiments count for credit toward this class (usually, those that are online-only do not get included).

Note that many studies require that you be at least 18 years of age. Be sure to check the study description for possible age requirements before signing up for an appointment. If you are not yet 18, don’t worry! Email the head TA of the course, and we will give. you another option for extra credit.

When you sign up for a study, you will be asked to select the class to which you would like to assign the credit. You cannot choose both credit and pay for the same study, or use the same study for credit in multiple classes. 

Each half hour of study time corresponds to 1 credit on SONA. It is up to your professor how these credits will be integrated into your grade for the class.

Important note about multiple classes: If you have added more than one class to your SONA account for research credit, you will see available studies that offer credits in at least one of your classes. A study might not qualify for credit in all of your classes. So, be sure to check the study description to see a list of classes for which that study is offering credit. If you assign a credit to a class that does not allow credits from that study to be counted, the credit will automatically be reassigned to one of your approved classes.
Please make sure to arrive at your study appointments on time. Cancel early or email the researchers as soon as possible if you will be unable to make your appointment. Repeatedly missing appointments without excuse will result in you being blocked from further research participation on SONA. You must then speak with your professor about options for non-research extra credit.

For questions about the use of the site, please email: