The textbook is available as an e-book or as a physical copy--which should I buy? 

It's entirely up to you--the content of the e-book and the physical book is identical. While the e-book is cheaper, it cannot be resold (so the costs pretty much even out). It may simply be a matter of preference for reading on a screen vs. reading on a paper page. 

I joined the course late. What do I need to do to catch up? 

There are no assignments to turn in, but please make sure that you have read over the course syllabus, watched the first lecture (which I have made available as a video along with the lecture slides for the first day), and have downloaded the lecture slides for the days you missed before emailing additional questions. In addition, it will help if you have any friends/acquaintances who might share their notes with you. The TakeNote service at Cornell also makes notes available for a fee (or on reserve at Uris Library). 

I missed a day/will miss a day of class. What did I miss? What do I need to do to catch up?

The best advice if you miss a class, is to download the lecture slides, borrow notes from someone, and study for the exam with people who attended lectures that day. 

Can you post an announcement slide/make an announcement in class to promote my campus club/event/charity before class? 

While I have done this in smaller courses, with a course this size (~850 students) I get multiple requests each week (sometimes up to 3 requests in a single day) to post slides, make announcements, or devote some class time to help a particular club, charity, or campus event. The only way to I have to deal with this sanely is to have a policy to turn down all such requests, no matter how good the cause. Deciding on a case-by-case basis would take too much time and would be inevitably offend those whom I turned down. While I wish I were in a better position to help, I am confident that you can find other means of promotion! 

Are the prelim exams held in-class? 

Yes, the two prelims exams are to be held in Bailey. The final exam is held in Barton Hall. 

Can I look over my exam after the grades have been posted?

Yes, email your assigned tutor and make an appointment to review your Scantron and exam sheet. If you still have concerns about your grade after having done this, set up an appointment to speak to Prof. Pizarro.