Alternate Date/Make-Up Exam Requests

The possibility of taking a make-up exam after the scheduled in-class exam has been given is very small, and is to be decided on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the instructor. The main criteria used in deciding if a make-up exam can be taken will be the extent to which the circumstances were unavoidable and/or unforeseeable.

If there is a foreseeable circumstance that will prevent you from taking an exam on one of the scheduled dates (or you meet the criteria for an alternate date outlined in the exam guidelines of the school), you must make a request for an earlier exam date no later than one week before the scheduled exam. If you request a make-up exam and have a valid excuse, you must take the make-up no later than one week after the scheduled exam. 

In most cases some form of documentation verifying the excuse for an absence is required, and in all cases you must complete this form so that we have documentation of your request and your reasons for submitting a request. If you are a member of a Cornell University athletic team and foresee a conflict with scheduled travel, please provide a letter from the appropriate authority (e.g., the team coach) as early as possible. You will only be allowed to take one late make-up exam during the semester.

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