Grades Up on Blackboard

-If you are registered, you should now be able to access your exam grade on Blackboard. (Please do not email me with questions about accessing Blackboard--I hate the thing and am absolutely sure I am a worthless source of tech support for it). 

 -I calculated your percentage grade using 47 points as the total rather than 50--48 was the top score, and I'm adding one more free point to cover any possibility of an unfair question.  (And remember that question 50 was a freebie: as long as you answered it, you got credit for any response). I do not think I will be this lenient for exams 2 and 3, but given that for many of you this is the first exam you've taken at Cornell I wanted to give a bit of a buffer. 

-Given the adjustments, the class average is about 85%. With two exams to go, and the possibility of 5% extra credit at the end, we will have a lot of good grades in the course by the end. I am okay with a lot of good grades. Keep up the good work.  If you think you bombed the test, please do not panic. it is very reasonable to bring your grade up easily with two more good performances and the EC available. I've seen students score horribly on the first exam and pull themselves up to a great overall grade. 

 -If you have questions about your grade, please email the undergrad tutor  assigned to you first. They should be able to answer your questions, set up a meeting if necessary, and look over your exams and scantrons should you want to do so. (You should all have received an email from a tutor at some point this semester. If you did not, feel free to email any of them). 

-Errors can be made with spreadsheets, scantrons, matching IDs with scores, uploads, etc. With this many students it only increases the odds that something will go wrong... Please be patient with us! If you think there is a mistake, let your tutor know. 

 -If you still have questions after having spoken/met with one of the tutors, please let me know (and let me know which of the tutors you spoke to first).