Prelim Grades Posted

[this message was also sent as an email via Blackboard, so apologies for the redundancy] 

Hi all -

The grades for Prelim 2 are up. Please check your grade in a timely fashion. Also, there were a few of you who did not include your name on the scantron. If you took the exam and do not have a grade, you may be one of these. Please check-in with your TA if this is the case, as you will need to meet with them to find your original exam. 

If you have NOT yet taken the exam or scheduled a make-up (and have a valid excuse), please do this ASAP by emailing Cindy Durbin (the course administrator) at 

And remember that you will be eligible for 5% added to your final grade if you complete all of the extra credit, so take that into account when mentally calculating your overall grade!