Announcement: Psych 1103 Sections/Exam Conflict Policy


Detailed information about the Psych 1103 sections offered by the graduate student TAs (including schedules and how to enroll) is now posted as a new tab ("sections") on the course website. 

Prelim exam conflicts

A few of you have asked about the policy on scheduling make-up exams for a prelim if you have multiple prelims scheduled within a few days. The full policy on this (and other issues regarding exams) can be found here: 

The short of it is that we can schedule a make-up exam

  1. if you have more than 2 prelim exams within a 24-hour period
  2. this is the largest of the 3 conflicting courses.

If this is the case and you would like us to schedule a make-up exam, please email your psych tutor with the names and prelim times of the courses which conflict.