Exam 1 Info (from class)

Prelim 1 is this Monday, September 30, in class. 


The exam covers all lectures (including today’s), textbook chapters 1-5, and the Chomsky article you were assigned from the Norton Psychology reader. This includes all the information on learning and behavior I covered in the lecture. Chapter 6 (on learning) will be tested on Prelim 2. But this obviously should not be taken to mean that I won't ask what I lectured about.


There will be 50 multiple-choice questions. You will be provided with a copy of the exam and a Scantron sheet in which to write your answers.  Please bring a pencil. 

You will need to turn in both the exam sheet and the scantron with your name on it, and with the answers circled on the exam as well . We do this to keep track of all the exams, but also to minimize any chance that if something happens to your scantron you have no record of having taken the test.   

You will have until 11:00 to complete the entire exam (including your name on the scantron and test sheets) at the very latest. There is an oceanography exam immediately following ours, so out of respect we have to clear the room quickly. As will always be the policy, if you are still writing at 11:00 we take the exam. I will announce when we are at the halfway point and when there are 10 minutes left. 

Sample exam questions have been posted on the course website for a few days, and study tips are still there. Today's lecture is also up.

Finally, there are no desks in Bailey. Please bring something on which to write (not your textbook!), or you'll have to fill out your scantron on your lap!